Sunburn & VBS


Saturday I went to the beach with my friend. It wasn’t really a pretty day. It was overcast and it got a little chilly by the water, but we had a good time. Anyway, I neglected to put any sunscreen on and my shoulders are so burnt, I can hardly wear a shirt. (I am wearing a shirt, though, in case you were worried)

Sunburn hurts. A lot. I haven’t been sunburned in a looong time. I don’t usually get burned. I grew up in the South Florida sun. We are supposed to be, like, immune to the sun.

I was going to try to make some life application about the sunburn, but all I got is…wear sunscreen. (like the song- if you don’t know the song, you are missing out)

My other order of business is VBS. Brent and I decided to take on running vacation Bible school this summer. I’m not sure what prompted this-well I am sure, but it’s a long story. But basically, our church hasn’t had one for a few years, so now Brent and I are doing it. It’s a lot of work and a lot of decisions.

Working on VBS has made me realize something. Actually, I think I’ve always known this about myself, but now I really know it. I don’t trust people. More specifically, I don’t trust anyone to do a job correctly. And by correctly, I mean, do a job the way I want it done.  This is probably why I hated group projects in school. I dread group projects. I think I have one due in a few weeks for one of my classes, and I’m not happy. I’m sure everyone has heard all the “roles” people take on in teams and groups. Theres the lazy guy, the one who does everything, the one who takes all the credit, and someone who holds the team together. There are lots of roles. I like to be the team leader. I like to have my hands in everything.

Working on this VBS is making me realize that I can’t do it all by myself. I’ve got to delegate responsibilities. Really, I’ve always known this, VBS is just a refresher. It’s nice to know people you can trust to do their job. I’m sure I’ll be doing way too much checking up on everyone, but I just can’t help myself. I always feel like if I’m putting my name on something, it better be up to my standards. I think if more people felt this way, the world would be a better place.

I’m stepping off my soap box now.



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