Lame Duck


Never before have I thought myself similar to George W. Bush in anyway until now. No I didn’t acquire a multi-million dollar ranch in Texas. No I didn’t start a war in another country to settle a score for my dad. And I don’t think I’ve gone from being loved by the majority to hated by the majority in just a few short years. But I do find a similarity in that I think I know what The W felt like in his last few weeks in office. I’m sure he was just sitting around playing XBOX and eating fried twinkies thinking about how nice it will be to get out of the shack he was forced to live in for the past 8 years of his life. After I passed my real estate exam last week, I have had zero motivation to sell shoes to the wonderful people of Palm Beach County. All I do is drink iced coffee and try on shoes. Business has really slowed down, but when customers do come in, I of course give them world class service. I really feel like a lame duck every day I am here at the store though. That being said, my numbers are still the best in the store. I am going to continue working part time at the store when I jump into real estate, but at the present, I am going crazy because I know I get to pursue a new career path very soon . The next few weeks can’t go by fast enough. Fortunately, since I will be working part time at Johnston and Murphy, my “smartest person that works in the mall” title will remain with me.

*This post is not reflective of my political views or beliefs in any way. It is simply an in depth analysis comparing and contrasting two renowned individuals.
**If you are offended by the content of this blog I/we do not apologize.


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