I’d just like to throw this out there…

I’m a great arguer. I can argue about anything. I really like being right. Even if I know I’m not right, I will just argue with you until you give up. 🙂 I’m not professing that this is a good trait to have. I have gotten better about it as I’ve gotten older, but deep down, I really enjoy it. Kind of sick, isn’t it?

Anyway, I was thinking about things that couples “generally” argue about compared to what Brent and I argue about. I did a little research (I’m so dedicated to this blog) and here is what Google told me are the top 5 things couples argue about:

1. Money
2. Sex
3. Work
4. Children
5. Housework

Here are what I think Brent and I argue about the most*: (in no particular order)

1. Starbucks
2. Getting water all over the sink
3. Work decisions
4. Driving
5. The amount of time spent talking to Mark (his friend) on the phone

Yes, I am telling the truth. That’s what we argue about the most. Let me explain…

Starbucks- Brent is an addict. It’s really out of control. We used to argue about it a lot, but then we went to an allowance system so now I can’t see on the credit card how much he spends there and I haven’t cared as much lately. I do care some though. I don’t think you should be a slave to any beverage (alcoholic or not).

Water on the sink- This drives me insane. Brent shaves and there is water everywhere. The argument comes because I have to say something about it and he has to make a smart remark back. If he would just wipe it up it would be a non-issue.

Work desicions- Who doesn’t argue about this stuff? It even made it in the top 5 for all couples.

Driving- Oh boy… I am a way better driver than Brent. I don’t understand the decisions he makes while driving. He just doesn’t think. We argue the most when he is driving.

Talking to Mark- I sware, these 2 talk as much as girls. I don’t even talk to my mom this much. They can just talk all night long. About what, you ask. Basketball. Even when it isn’t basketball season.

Every couple should argue some, I think. Otherwise you know someone is always getting their way and the other person is always giving in. That just doesn’t seem healthy to me.


*Disclaimer: Brent’s list make vary slightly from mine.


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