Something to say


I haven’t posted in a few days. Not for lack of trying, I just haven’t had anything I wanted to say. I’ve started about 5 different posts and then halfway through decided that no one would want to read this. I still don’t have much to say, but I don’t like logging in and seeing that we only got 2 hits yesterday. 🙂 So, I thought I would run through a list of things worth mentioning, but not really worth an entire post.

1. I decided last night that there should be  a cap on how many times a story can be mentioned in the news. Like, you can only talk about Kate Gosselin 2 times per month and then you can’t talk about her anymore unless she dies or something. I hate listening to stories about the same people everyday. They’re just people. They put on their pants the same way I do each morning. I don’t see anyone reporting about my exciting life…

2. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. I just want to say- why is everyone so angry with him? I mean, what did he do that a million other husbands haven’t done? The only reason anyone is worried about it is because he’s famous. And so what if he is your favorite golfer- he is still good at golf- just don’t let him be your favorite husband. I’m not really defending him, I still think he is an awful person, but that doesn’t make him an awful golfer.

3. This past weekend I went with my mom to Tennessee to see my brother. I have to say, I love people watching in airports. I consider myself a professional people watcher. I love it. I love making up stories about people’s lives. Brent and I can come up with some good stuff. My mom and I had a looonnnggg layover in Tampa so we found  appropriate people watching seats and went to it. We found quite a few candidates for what not to wear. My favorite is watching the moms with kids. They are always so flustered. Life is too short to spend an entire day in a constant state of panic.

4. Oprah. I really don’t like Oprah. She is just too powerful. She basically picked the President this term. I’m not sure we all even needed to vote. But I don’t want to talk about politics. I think  it is hysterical that someone has come out with an “unofficial biography” on Oprah. I may actually read it. No one will interview this lady because they are all scared of Oprah. Someone needs to take Oprah down. Maybe I’ll start a talk show and then I’ll start a company with my name backwards. Yesdnil. Not quite as catchy…

5. I had the worst day that I’ve had in a long time yesterday. You should be happy I didn’t post. It would have been really negative, I’m sure, and no one needs extra negativity in their life. That’s why I don’t watch the news. It just depresses you. In fact, I think we should all stop watching the news and we should just live our lives and see what happens. For instance, if everyone would quit reporting how poor we all are and that we need to watch what we spend, people would start spending more freely. Then we wouldn’t be in this situation, would we? 

I’m glad I can solve the world’s problems in about 600 words or less.

YOU have a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day!



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