People amaze me.

They amaze me for a lot of reasons, but I’m only here to talk about one right now. (I’m sure there will be more to come.)

Why do people treat people who are serving them so badly? Why do you think that by yelling at the waiter, barista, sales associate you are going to get better service?

Example: I’m at Starbucks this morning and the barista messed up a lady’s drink. The barista was trying to fix it, but could hardly understand what the lady wanted because she was yelling. Ridiculous.

I don’t think you should ever treat someone badly that handles your food. What if they spit in it or do something gross? I mean, I would spit in your food if you yelled at me…actually… I wouldn’t. I’m not that mean. But not everyone has morals like I do.

In any case, we are all humans and no human deserves to be treated worse than another human. Nothing about me makes me better than you and nothing about you makes you better than me.


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