This is Lola.

And this is Doby.

I figured you needed to be introduced to them as they are such a big part in our lives. Pathetic, I know.

When Brent and I got married and moved into our own place I decided I wanted a dog (and, let’s be honest, once I’ve decided something I have many methods of getting my way). So, I dragged Brent around to all the puppy stores. No, we didn’t adopt, I know we are bad people. Brent didn’t really want a dog so I figured if I let him pick the dog, then maybe he would like it more. So, we found Doby. He was so tiny and shy. He really tricked us. Look at him now. What… a fatty. He’s a good dog though and Brent really likes him. It’s pretty funny how attached Brent is to Doby.

Then, after a few months, I decided we needed a second dog. And what great timing… for Valentine’s Day (my favorite holiday). I knew I wanted a pug. So, Brent, being the wonderful guy that he is, searched for a pug that didn’t cost a million dollars and we found a family that wanted to get rid of Lola. I don’t know how they parted with her. So, we went to get Lola and she was a hit. Everyone loved her, even Doby. Just look at that face! How could you resist it? Lola is the queen of the house. It’s ridiculous. She’s a bossy pants, but we all love her anyway.

Anyway, that’s Doby & Lola.

You’re Welcome!

[Why do people write “your welcome”? That isn’t right. Think about it. You are saying “You are welcome”. So that would be “you’re welcome” Right?]


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