Pick the White Kid


It still amazes me that I can walk into gym, shoot around for a few minutes, and not get picked up for an average pick up basketball game. Prime example: last night I walk into LA Fitness while a game is already in progress. I ask who’s got next, and a cocky high school kid says that he does. I ask if he’s got 5, and he says, “I’m not sure.” What kind of answer is that? So I make a few sarcastic remarks and continued to shoot around while the game was finishing up. I did my typical warm-up shooting which consists of starting at the 3 point line and gradually moving back to 30 footers. Still he didn’t ask me to play with him. Lucky for him, one of my friends walked in, and the kid asked him to play on his team, and my friend said only if “the white lefty” plays with us. So I get picked up and start the game with three 3s in a row and gave the kid a “I bet you are glad you picked me up, you little punk” look. He just smiled. We go on to win 4 straight games in which I probably hit 10 3s including a game winner in the fourth game from just inside half court after which I got my keys and walked out because I had to go watch a real basketball game.
I don’t write this post to say that I should be picked up in every pick up game no matter what (which I most definitely should), but rather to say, if a white lefty shooter walks into the gym wearing old school Jordans and a Lacoste tshirt, you should probably pick him up because chances are he is me!


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  1. I feel your pain. I believe this awful ability of street ballers to assess talent of new-comers only comes from the southern part of Florida. Recently, while vacationing in the beautiful city of Clearwater, Fl just south of Tampa, I stumbled onto some ballers of various ages, sizes, pigments, and nationalities. There were approximately 10-14 ballstars playing pick up on an outdoor court. I just happen to be on my jog when I noticed the game going. Naturally I migrated toward the pointless arguing. I saw there were 2 or 3 waiting and asked if they had next, similar to your first question Space Coaster, they said yes and when I asked if they had 5 I got no response at all. I was not sure if he didnt hear me or if he was just enjoying his Camel Crush too much to respond. Nevertheless, I went and picked up a random ball and began my similar pre game warm up of floaters, runners, and plyometrics. This did not impress nor did I have a friend walk in and pick me up on his team. I had to wait another game and get picked up by the next crew who lost the game before. My impact was immediately felt just as yours was but in a different way. After my first air ball I adjusted to the gale force winds of Clearwater Beach made a few treys and put on Steve Nash like a passing clinic with 4 dime’s to my Amare Stoudemire of the playground that day. After that my presence was felt defensively, it was apparent the southern Floridians were not accustom the pattented Mike Roller help side defense. Three steals and 3 floaters later the game was over and my team won 3 in a row before I had to go get ready to eat some delicious sea food. Again, just goes to show you that the goofiest looking white boy is usually a safe bet in pick up games across the country.

  2. Did Roller coach y’all? He was the coach at Georgia Christian School where Steph and I attended. They won quite a few state championships during his run there. I didn’t know where he landed after leaving GCS.

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