I have many. many things that irritate me. Bad drivers, slow drivers, a lot of things to do with driving, inconsiderate people, people who think they are better than everyone else, people who cut in line, people who wear sunglasses at night.. I could probably go on for quite some time about it, but the two three things that irritate me the most are people who lie, people who steal, and people who don’t take responsibility. You see- these are extremely irritating because it’s selfish. Why do you lie or steal? To save yourself. Why don’t you take responsibility? To save yourself. So I guess at the root of it all, I don’t like selfish people. Let me break it down-

Lying- When you lie to me it says that you don’t respect me enough to just tell me the truth or you think I’m so dumb that I won’t figure out that you are lying. The worst part of lying is that after you lie and the person you lied to finds out, they will never trust you again. Not only that- if you don’t want them to find out you have to remember every lie you ever told. In the end, I don’t think lying is worth the trade-offs. And it’s dumb.

Stealing- When you steal it doesn’t affect you- unless you get caught. You know who it affects? People like me. Why? Because I don’t steal. So those of us who pay for things now have to pay more for those things because the prices are higher to cover the costs of your stealing. Example: Last night I bought a kit from Michael’s. Someone opened the box and stole half of the stuff out of there. I didn’t know until I got home. SO now I have to drive back to Michael’s and get a new one. And if you steal from an individual (as opposed to a store), I think you are scum. I’ve been stolen from before- multiple times and it just isn’t right…

Not taking responsibility This is a newer irritation for me. Mostly because I think it is becoming more acceptable in today’s world. People don’t take responsibility for their work or for their actions or anything. It’s always someone else’s fault and there is always someone to blame. Example: I’m trying to register for classes for the Summer. I email my advisor to tell them there aren’t enough classes offered for Marketing. (You have to take 4 electives and only 3 are offered) Instead of just checking it out and raising the issue to someone who could fix it- they tell me that  I just need to recheck my courses because they are sure that I am missing some other classes and I can just take those.  I already knew that there weren’t- that was the last class I needed to graduate. So, I email them back to tell them this and they just tell me to check again. After 25 minutes on the phone they realize I’m right. There still isn’t a fourth elective, if you were wondering. People always want to put off their work on someone else, they don’t want to do more work than necessary.

And that is enough ranting for one post.


P.S.- I would really hope that Brent’s best week of his life would have something to do with me and not golf and real estate. You know- like our wedding or something. How shallow…


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  1. Lindsey- I LOVE your blog and I especially love this post. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    I also am glad you said what you did about Brent’s “Best week of his life”. You would think he was a little smarter than that. =)

    I hope you are both doing great!

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