Spring Cleaning


Friday I decided that I was going to spend all day Saturday cleaning out the house. Brent had school all day, so I wouldn’t have any distractions. Of course, when I woke up my mom called and we then spent a majority of the day running errands. But hey, you gotta run errands. Anyway, after errand-running, I returned to my disaster of a house and started cleaning. The most obvious spot to begin was my closet/office. If you don’t know, I turned half of one of our extra rooms that was the office, into my closet. It’s a masterpiece. I love it. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. It’s even better now than when I first did it because now I have the office half of the room nice and organized and I have gotten rid of the junk that we have accumulated. And that was the only room I finished. 🙂 I think the rest of my house actually looks worse right now. But these things take time.

Junk. That’s really what my post is about today. It amazes me how much junk Brent and I have accumulated in the 1.7 years we have been married. We noticed it mostly when we moved into this house in October and we got rid of a lot, but still, we have so much useless stuff. I threw more stuff out this weekend! I think that’s why it has taken me so long to get the house super organized- there’s too much junk. I look at it and it overwhelms me and so I just don’t do it. I have to set my mind to it, go in with a goal and a plan and then, once I start throwing the useless things away, I see that I have a beautifully organized room.

Thinking about writing this post made me think of the “junk” of the world. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by it all and give up on our goals. Goals could be heaven or a dream job or anything. The junk crowds your view and makes it seem too hard.  It’s only after you go in with a plan and some determination that you can get through the junk and to the greatness that’s left.


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