I have to say, I am one of the biggest procrastinators out there. If a 3 hour test is due at 12, I start at 9. If it doesn’t have to be done until Friday, don’t expect it to be done early. I don’t consider it laziness or bad time management. I think it’s just a way of life. Either you are a procrastinator, or you aren’t. Some people like to have everything done and waiting, others love the thrill of rushing to get it done at the last-minute. That’s me. I like being super busy and rushed. There’s nothing like having 5 minutes to get somewhere 10 minutes away. I think my brain works better in rushed mode and I’m definitely more efficient. A job that may have taken me 3 hours will only take me 2 in rushed mode. I’ve been procrastinating so long now that I don’t even do it intentionally. Sometimes I even think I may do a task early, but it never seems to work out. There’s always a store to go to, a nap to be had, a show to be watched. Leaving my task waiting until the last-minute.

I find that procrastinating does occasionally backfire on you. Like maybe you get sick, or stuck in traffic, or you accidentally fall asleep (yes, that has happened to me). Now what are you supposed to do? [if you forget to do your week-long science experiment until the last night, I can solve that problem for you]

In any case, I’m still pro procrastination. Because if you can do it today, you can do it tomorrow.


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