Weekend Update


Let’s see… Friday after work, my mom and I headed to Boca to get some garbage out of this house. We loaded up the truck in about 15 minutes flat, tied it down a little and headed back to West Palm (with only 1 stop to make sure everything was still there). We made it back and that was all we were required to do. It was Brent’s job to get the trash to the dump the next morning. Of course, mom and I had no problems, but Brent is a disaster zone. One of the bags fell out. Luckily, mom and I had tied it to the rope so it was still hanging on and didn’t fly out in the road. I mean, who says women can’t do this stuff better than men?! Brent made it safely to the dump, no worries.

I also went to Lilly Pulitzer. If you have never been in a Lilly store, you are 100% missing out. That store is a store of happiness. They even had little Easter thing going on Saturday. Needless to say, I left very happy.

Daniel (little brother) and his buddies got in on Saturday night to start their Spring Break. It’s nice to see him be less annoying. Still a ways to go… (hopefully he doesn’t read this:))

Sunday was spent with church, homework, a wedding shower, a little work, and more homework. I hate homework. Only 7 more classes to go until graduation…

Speaking of graduation, Brent is almost done with his real estate classes. Thankfully. He has been ZERO fun this month. Hopefully he passes this test so I don’t have  get to hear about it anymore. 🙂

Oh, I forgot! I also got my hair done on Saturday. Getting your hair done is one of the greatest things in the world. I love it. And my hair looks luscious.

The weather has also FINALLY started warming up down here. It’s stormy all day, but I don’t care as long as I don’t freeze every time I walk outside. I mean, this is South Florida people! The cold should have been gone back in January! Ridiculous.

Oh, another weekend adventure… the puppies dug a hole in the wall in the kitchen. I told you- I have the worst dogs in the world.


P.S.- Brent picked Kansas to win the tourney. Guess who is probably going to win!!


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