Day 599


Yes, today is the 599th day that Brent and I have been married. (I just calculated that out.) 599 days and I still have to look up when our anniversary is (July 30th). For some reason, I just can’t ever remember if it’s the 30th or 31st. Anyway, after 599 days I have learned some things about this whole marriage deal. Not ALL things, I said some things.

1. Husbands will never be able to see that they didn’t make the bed properly. Just give them credit for trying.

2. Husbands are always excited to talk to their friends. I like to call them their “boyfriends”. No matter what we are doing or talking about or where we are, if one of Brent’s boyfriends calls, he is going to answer and then talk to them (mainly Mark) about basketball for 25 minutes…every night.

3.Money is the root of all evil. It causes problems if you have it, it causes problems if you don’t. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that is what most couples’ arguments are about in some way.

4.Sharing a bathroom with a guy can be the most taxing thing on your relationship. I thought I had a lot of hair. There is hair everywhere in our bathroom! Boys also can’t see that they have splashed water all over the counter and gotten everything wet and they also don’ t understand that ,yes, you only get that tiny sliver of counter space, the rest is mine. Brent and I get in more fights in our bathroom than anywhere else. Maybe not “fight” so much as me cursing him under my breath.

5. Don’t try to do everything yourself.. either of you. You can’t work, cook, do the laundry, clean the entire house, walk to dogs, go to school, and still be a good spouse. It just isn’t possible to do all of that with a smile on your face. It’s ok to share the chores. And when your husband puts in a red shirt with your white sweater, welcome the opportunity to buy a new one. I don’t think guys have the “cleaning instinct”. Brent didn’t know how to use a mop, literally. So teach them and enjoy your life. It may not be perfect, but that’s ok.

6. Accept the fact that some things won’t change. Brent is never going to stop burping no matter how mad I get. So, it’s time to get over it. Me, I’m perfect. I know there is nothing Brent wishes I would change. (hahaha :))

7. Talk. Sometimes life starts and you forget to talk to each other. While I was going to school full-time, Brent and I could go for days and not have a real conversation. Take the time to sit and watch tv together or have dinner together and just sit and talk.

8. Be silly. Play DJ Hero together and dance like an idiot around your living room. Quote “The Hangover” to each other all night. Sing in weird voices in the car. Make up funny stories about your neighbors. Write messages to each other on the mirror. You aren’t only having fun… you’re making a memory.

9. Fight. It’s good to fight. If you never fight, then someone is always getting their way and the other person is always not getting their way. You are allowed to argue about something. You are allowed to disagree. It’s normal and it’s healthy. Just make sure you resolve it. Compromise, compromise, compromise.

10. I can’t think of what I want to write for number 10 yet. You must need 610 days of marriage for this.



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