Tourney Time


Saying that title made me laugh a little. Anyway, it’s March Madness baby! Which means I get to fill out a bracket! Yessss! Now, I have am extremely scientifical method when it comes to filling out a bracket. I don’t know anything about any of the teams since the only basketball related tv I watch is NBA All Star Weekend (this year sucked). So, I have to resort to other methods in order to pick my teams. Usually, someone just prints me off a bracket and I fill it out. But this year, since Brent was so lazy, I logged onto ESPN and made a user name and filled out a bracket online. This is great! It shows you the pictures and mascots right there. No need to ask everyone. Mascots and school colors are essential when filling out a bracket.

If you would like to know my method of bracket filling out-ing, here it is:

1. Ask yourself, “Do I know anyone who goes to this school?”, “Do I like them?”. If you answered yes, you pick that school over the other one. If you know people at both schools or don’t know anyone at either school, move to number two.

2. What are their school colors? Are they cute? Do the match?  If you like their colors better than the other schools’, pick them. If you still can’t decide, question 3 it is.

3. What is the mascot? Is it dumb? Is it cool? Does it coordinate with the school colors? This should help you pick one team over another. If you still are unsure, proceed to question 4.

4. What kind of people are on their team? Any cute guys? Are they tan? Do they shave and groom themselves? Do they wear undershirts under their jerseys? Once you have done the research for these questions, you should have a better idea. If you still don’t, you can go to number 5.

5. What number are they ranked? Did ____ (Insert significant other here) pick them? If your significant other picked them, then most likely you don’t want to. The goal is to annoy them by picking teams that make no sense. I still have yet to realize why it bothers guys so much when you pick different teams than them. Psychos… But if you aren’t like me and you don’t like to annoy, just go by the number. Who has the better number? It’s a pretty good indicator.

Here is my bracket. I will make Brent put his bracket on here too. It’s a winner, huh?


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