Reality Check


Brent and I like to watch TV. We have our certain shows that we must watch every week. And when I say “we” I really mean “I”. 🙂 Brent likes most of my shows, too. I’m sure he would rather be watching March Madness than CSI:NY this week, though. Brent and I are a little different than most couples I know when it comes to the shows we like. For instance, I HATE reality tv. I can’t stand it. Yes, even the sacred American Idol. I used to watch a lot of it, and then I realized it was turning me into an idiot and I quit. If anything super exciting or controversial happens on a reality tv show, I’ll hear about it on Twitter or get a recap on The Soup on Friday night (great show)…or from Brent. He likes all those ridiculous shows. Kardashians, The Hills, Kendra, Jersey Shore (barf).  He’s trying to convince me to watch “Pretty Wild” or whatever that new show is on E!. (I will confess that I am completely hooked on Guiliana & Bill)

I also HATE award shows. Oh man, kill me now. Why do you want to sit there and watch people get awards. They post a list online, just go and read it in 10 minutes. Why waste your entire Sunday night? Brent likes the award shows. He doesn’t watch them all, but I know he watches a lot of them.

I do like all the crime shows. I don’t know what the exact genre is called, but you know what I mean. Brent watches them with me, but I had to quit watching Law and Order:SVU, it was too much for him. (wimp)  I also really like funny sitcoms.

Here are my weekly shows:

  • Two and a Half Men (I know I’m alone on this one)
  • Big Bang Theory (If you don’t watch this you are missing out- hysterical!)
  • CSI:Miami (Oh, Horatio, gotta love him)
  • White Collar (AMAZING! and the Neil is super hot)
  • NCIS (100% addicted. I watch the marathons on USA every time I can)
  • NCIS:Los Angeles (Didn’t like it at first, but now, completely hooked)
  • CSI:New York (My only Wednesday night show)
  • Giuliana & Bill (My reality indulgence)
  • The Mentalist (Jane is great)
  • The Office (No explanation needed, but I think they are running out of material)
  • 30 Rock (I don’t really care for this show, but Brent seems to like it)
  • Parenthood (Newest addition. I love it. I’ve cried every week so far. I don’t make Brent watch it with me)

I have other shows I will watch if nothing is on, but nothing that is TiVo worthy.

When I write my list down and see everything that I have to watch every week, it amazes me. I’m a tv-aholic. Which is funny, because in high school, I never watched tv.

I know this was super beneficial to your day today. 🙂 Let me know if there are any shows I’m missing out on.


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