Ok… I’m done


Brent is being a slacker. I got him all set up and taught him how to post, but as you can see, no posts by Brent. So, I’m done waiting on him to catch up.

Anyway, news from the McPherson’s

– I started a cake decorating class and it is great. I will be the greatest cake decorator of all time. 🙂

-The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up! What’s the point of living in South Florida if I have to wear long sleeves half the year?

-Brent is in the middle of real estate school (possible cause for the lack of posts). He is in trouble, though, for saying his school is more important than mine.

-Speaking of school, I can’t wait to graduate in December… hopefully…

-Doby and Lola are on a diet because they are too fat. I think they are getting skinnier. Now I just need to work on myself. (cake decorating not helping)

-Yesterday, I woke up and my tire was flat on my car. Like all the way to the ground flat. It took the entire day waiting for the tire store to patch it. (Really, it takes them 3 minutes to patch it, but they made us wait all day) Ridiculous.

-If you were wondering- I haven’t cleaned my house in 3 weeks.

I think that’s all that is going on right now. Maybe if everyone bugs Brent, he’ll start posting.



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