Part 2


I’m going to have to move on to my part 2 of our story. I was trying to wait for Brent to catch up, but he is just way too slow.

We left off on our ‘magical’ first date. So we went to church with Brent’s friend (Wes- he seemed upset to be unmentioned) and then dinner at Fridays (sans Wes) and a movie. Then after that Brent and I fell in looooovvveee. So we dated and dated and then, on my 19th birthday Brent proposed. Now THIS is a story.

For my birthday, I invited a bunch of my friends to go to Fridays for dinner (I was on a bit of a Fridays kick for a while). Brent was weird the whole night and I had some idea of what was to come. So, after dinner Brent and I and a few of the others went to Starbucks (Brent is a Starbucks-a-holic) to drink drinks and hang out. [Note: I’m just going to tell my side of the story- not all the information I learned afterwards- it will be better coming from Brent] While I was sitting there talking to people, Zack started drinking my drink- like chugging it- and it was really hot. I was pretty confused because I knew that Zack didn’t like White Mochas. He then proceeded to the counter with Brent to buy me a new drink. Which Brent then brought to me with a ring on top. Precious, I know.

After that- we went back to campus and since it was Muster night (gotta love FHU), we went our separate ways. I spent all night showing off my lovely ring to the girls in my dorm.

That’s all for now. 🙂


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