Wedding Season


As Wedding Season (Wedding Crashers, anyone?)  is quickly approaching, I feel that I must put my two cents in.

Girls- don’t be afraid to hurt people’s feelings, they sure aren’t afraid to hurt yours. While Brent and I may have had an unconventional wedding (story to come later), we sure had a heck of a good time. You know why? Cause we weren’t afraid to tick everyone off. Enjoy having a day all about you. You probably won’t get another one. Also keep in mind that it is HIGHLY likely that everything will not go perfect (like getting a pen mark on your dress before you take pictures). Accept it now. Plan for things to go unplanned and you will have a wonderful day.

Guys- it’s time to grow up. If she asks you to do something, do it. It’s your wedding too. Get used to helping, your mother won’t be living with you after the wedding. Also keep in mind that, for a girl, the stress of planning a wedding can likely drive them crazy… literally. There is no need for you to point it out. Just accept it and realize that after the wedding, the girl you got engaged to will return and you will live happily ever after.

Back to girls- Speaking of mother-in-laws, I think we have another post idea…


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