Catching up


Since Brent and I have already been married for over a year now, we have to catch up with everyone a little bit. I’m not going to attempt to tell you our life-story so far in one blog post. I like talking way too much, so it will be way too long, and who wants to read something that long in one sitting. Plus, the suspense will probably kill you. 🙂 Let me start from square one today- well, MY square one- and I’ll let Brent chime in later.

When Brent first laid eyes on my wonderful self, I had a boyfriend back home in South Carolina, and I really had no intentions of breaking up with him. In fact, I wasn’t really the best person in the world to be around- I really hated being at FHU and I really wanted to go back home to South Carolina. Luckily- Brent never talked to me so he didn’t know what a downer I was. Oh- did I say Brent never talked to me? Yes- he stole my name off of my paper in Bible class and proceeded to Facebook stalk me. After awhile of this, Brent had given up (that’s what he says) and I started missing the attention and I realized that I didn’t really want to date my hobo boyfriend back in South Carolina anymore (it would be really bad if he read that, right?). So, one night while I was walking out of the cafeteria, I texted Brent to tell him that I liked his purple Vineyard Vines shirt. (Yes, we have a relationship that revolves around clothing)

After that, things went great. We talked more and more and eventually we went on our first date. “Where was that date?”, you ask. Church. With his friend. It was followed by dinner without his friend. We hit it off really well (obviously).

I think that’s enough for now…


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